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Redwood City, CA. March 8th.
Click to Listen to 'Comin' Around'
Click to Listen to ‘Comin’ Around’

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Zak’s ‘Gods Plan’ Cover.


New Show Alert!

Redwood City, CA. March 8th 2018

Who is Zak?


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“A breath of fresh air. Compelling and soul-driven”. Bay Area Artist, Zak has his own unique flavor to offer to Urban Contemporary music. The young Singer/ Songwriter first intrigued listeners in 2018 with his debut single, “The Wave”, and returned again in Summer of 2019, with his urban-pop smash, “Mad Man”. An incredibly diverse catalogue has set Zak apart from most in his genre, but it’s also his over the top, innovative and witty music videos that have engaged his audience. His style is influenced by the sounds of Justin Timberlake, Amy Winehouse, and Adam Levine. Exciting, soulful, and refreshing, enjoy the defining sound that represents Zak.
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